Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи
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The right to a fair trial

Serhy Holovaty acknowledges that mechanisms for safeguarding justice are not fully developed iin Ukraine


The mechanisms for guaranteeing of efficiency and fairness of justice and for free access of people to the fair court are not developed in Ukraine, believes Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sergiy Golovaty. He expressed this opinion on 12 December to journalists in Kyiv.

“Ukrainian courts do not function in accordance with the system of the rule of law, although they are a part of this system. More and more frequently we observe the facts in the court practice, which are incompatible with the rule of law”, he said.

The Minister of Justice explained that he meant the cases of arbitrary actions of judges, artificial prolongation of consideration of cases, unfair decisions and irresponsibility of judges. “The work of judges and the legal system are the main guarantors of the rule of law. And when the judges do not fulfill their function in the society, we cannot speak about the existence of the rule of law”, told Golovaty.

Now the international conference “The rule of law: questions of theory and practice” is carried out in Kyiv. The conference is organized by the National University “Kyevo-Mogylianska Akademia”, the OSCE, National Commission for Consolidation of Democracy and the Rule of Law and the Ukraine lawyer’s foundation.

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