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Ukrainian website for people with disabilities


22 August 2006  In the Ukrainian Internet a website has been created especially for people with impaired possibilities – www.invak.info/ .

The creators of the site explain that “the main purpose of the site is to inform visitors about the everyday life of people with special needs and the problems they encounter”.

News will be placed on the site about events, protest actions and measures with the movement for people with disabilities, information about organizations for the Disabled, competitions, grants, various means for rehabilitation, as well as a database of normative documents, a library and special computer programs.

Particularly noteworthy is the section on looking for jobs. The newspaper “Podrobytsi” [“Details”] mentions that the site also has a dynamic forum.

The intended audience of the site ІNVAK.ІNFO includes the media, managers of enterprises for disabled people, state officials, the staff of rehabilitation centres, civic organizations, as well as ordinary individuals with or without impaired physical possibilities.
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