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Measures to observe Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomor and Political Repression on 25 November


President Yushchenko has instructed regional leaders to observe Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomor* and Political Repression on 25 November.

The President called for wreaths to be laid at memorial plaques and places where the graves of the victims lie, and for snowball tree groves to be planted in honour of the victims of Holodomor and political repression.

The President is proposing to intensify, in particular by involving school and university students, the gathering of documentary material, testimony of witnesses of Holodomor, the studying of local archival material, and also organizing the relevant exhibitions.

The Head of State believes that it is vital to involve as many people as possible in these measures, as well as in the nationwide action “Light a candle!”

Yushchenko has also asked the heads of local state administrations to approach the leaders of religious organizations asking that on the morning of 25 November they hold memorial services for the victims of famine.


*  the word Holodomor is used here in the plural – there were, in fact, three devastating famines which cannot be said to have been natural disasters.  Holodomor is usually however understood to refer to the largely artificially-caused Famine of 1932 –1933 which may have claimed the lives of up to 10 million people  [translator’s note]

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