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Prosecutor General is beginning the Gongadze investigation from scratch


Georgy Gongadze’s mother, Lesya Gongadze, said today that the President’s failure to keep the promises given to the European Parliament in 2005 showed one thing only. “I think that he simply can’t do it. The Prosecutor General has passed the case to a new investigator, Mr Kharchenko, who has to begin from scratch. I have been asked for the fourth time to go to the morgue to give DNA material. I have already spent 14 hours near those remains. I can’t do it a fourth time. They want to break me down. With such a weight of material they’re not investigating the case.

Why yet again the morgue and DNA? 4 world laboratories have done DNA analyses. All the results were identical. I can’t identify what I saw in the morgue and say that it belongs to my son.

As reported, the Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis said on Monday that the greatest disappointment for Europe is over the lack of real progress in solving the murder of Ukrainian journalist Georgy Gongadze.  He added that this was damaging Ukraine’s reputation abroad.

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