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Group formed to monitor the Human Rights Ombudsperson’s work


One of the many roundtables on “Public control over the work of the Human Rights Ombudsperson – guarantee for effective human rights protection in Ukraine” held throughout Ukraine on 5 February took place in Mykolaiv. The participants came to the conclusion that the work of the Human Rights Ombudsperson and his / her Secretariat require public monitoring.
Members of the public in Mykolaiv and the region have too little to say about the use personally for them of such a public official in Ukraine as the Human Rights Ombudsperson. In actual fact, the numerous appeals from long-suffering employees of the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant received no response from Ms Karpachova, and that is only a drop in the ocean of indifference to the human rights needs of citizens of the Mykolaiv region demonstrated by the Ukrainian Human Rights Ombudsperson.
6 NGOs have therefore formed a monitoring group, whose coordinator will be Svyatoslav Marchenko, head of the most active human rights group in Mykolaiv – “The Committee for Human Rights Defence”. Other group members include Denis Husak from the Mykolaiv regional branch of the civic network OPORA, public figure and human rights defender Kostyantyn Sokolov, political scientist Vera Pochtarenko (“Road to Salvation” Foundation) and environmentalist Oleksandr Malytsky.
The list of organizations which make up the Mykolaiv group for public control is open,

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