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Belarusian women picket Embassy of Belarus in Kyiv


The Belarusians have come to the embassy of their country in Kyiv to seek justice from the authorities They have specially arrived from Minsk in order to draw attention to the lack of access to justice in their own country.

The protesters say that their relatives were convicted unlawfully, yet it is important to achieve a court review and their release in Belarus. The Belarusian authorities demand that law enforcement have 100 percent “success rate” in uncovering crimes. For this reason, the women are convinced, the officers do not investigate cases properly and want to conclude the investigation as soon as possible.

The activists hope that their protest which coincides with Lukashenko’s visit to Kyiv, will stimulate the Ukrainian side to raise the issue during negotiations with the Belarusian authorities.

Picketers: “Our president is visiting and since in our country the authorities don’t want to listen, we decided to time our protest to coincide. Maybe here the President will find out what is happening to the people. The Constitution says that the people have power, but we have no power and no rights. 100% arbitrary rule , or more.

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