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Belarusian Spring begins in Kyiv


A festival is to take place from14-25 March in Kyiv entitled “Belarusian Spring” and is timed to coincide with the anniversary of “Belarusian Maidan” [the mass protest on October Square in Minsk after the presidential elections]. The festival, organized by various civic organizations, is aimed at drawing the attention of the Ukrainian public to Belarusian problems.

Events scheduled

19.00  on 14 March  The festival will open with a premier showing of the documentary “Ploshcha” [“Square”] about the events in Minsk a year ago – the “Belarusian Maidan” which was violently dispersed by enforcement bodies. After the film, there will be an opportunity to meet its director Yury Khashchevatsky.

(on Folivska Street, 9-11, office of PORA)

19.00 on 16 March   Belarusian Solidarity Day – a traditional demonstration to express solidarity with those fighting for freedom and human rights in Belarus.

(near the Belarusian Embassy on Kotsyubynska Street, 3)

11.00 on 19 March   A roundtable with representatives of Ukrainian civic organizations, where a joint strategy on Belarus is to be developed and Ukraine’s state policy towards Belarus assessed.

(Yaroslaviv Val St, 9, conference hall)

25 March   A race skiing on asphalt for the Lukashenko Cup, Lukashenko being known for supporting and popularising this valiant sport.

(time and place to be finalized)

The events in Kyiv will run in parallel to those in Belarus. On 16 March there will also be a protest action in solidarity, on 19 March – a meeting of the Congress of Democratic Forces. On 25 a street action will be held to mark Freedom Day, the Belarusian national holiday.

Other events and actions planned include an Internet – conference with Yury Khashevatsky, a call from human rights organizations to President Yushchenko to raise the issue of human rights in Belarus during his meeting with Lukashenko, as well as stickers placed on Kyiv walls saying “Stop Luka”.

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