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Belarusian opposition plans protests to mark the first anniversary of Lukashenko’s election to a third presidential term


The city authorities in Grodno prohibited democratic movements from holding a political rally today, 19 March. However the opposition is planning to come out onto the streets, the leader of the United Civic Party Anatoly Lebedko declared.

The Belarusian Constitution prohibits anyone from holding office as President for more than two terms. In 2004 a referendum was held in Belarus and the “results” used to abolish this restriction.

As reported, last year’s elections provoke mass protests. Over 4 days more than 600 protesters were arrested.

Considerably more could be said, and hopefully will, about the mass outrage over the rigging of the elections in Belarus a year ago.  The diary of one of those who participated in the events on October Square can be found at:


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