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Verkhovna Rada gets even with judge who went against Moroz


The Verkhovna Rada has dismissed Volodymyr Monych from his position as judge of the Mukachevo City District Court. The proposal submitted by head of the Committee on the Justice System Serhiy Kivalov was voted for by 261 Deputies.

The Deputies supported the motion despite the fact that the judge had sent the Committee a telegram stating that he had been in hospital since 13 March and asking that the issue not be considered in his absence.

At the same time Serhiy Holovaty stated that the judge had not made any contract with the Verkhovna Rada and therefore, using as their example court rulings on the suit brought by ex-Prosecutor General Sviatoslav Piskun, the Verkhovna Rada could “safely dismiss” this judge.

Judge Monych first came to fame a couple of months ago when he issued a ruling prohibiting the publication of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers (which the President had vetoed).

[In the end Speaker of Parliament Moroz signed the Law.  Calls were made immediately by members of the ruling coalition to get the judge dismissed – translator].

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