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New Drop-In Centre for Street and At-Risk Children in Chernihiv


On 20 April 2007 the official opening took place of the Drop-In Centre for Street and At-Risk Children in the Desnyansky District of Chernihiv.

The Centre has been made possible by financial assistance from Doctors of the World [DOW]  – Ukraine, the World Childhood Foundation.  DOW have worked in partnership with the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, the Adolescent Service of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, and the Chernihiv City Administration

DOW stress that the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care is increasing rapidly and presently stands at around 100,000.  Since 2006 the number of such children in the Chernihiv region has risen by 18.2%, with 2,723 children at the beginning of 2007.

The newly-created Centre will provide around 250 at-risk children and adolescents with social, medical, psychological, legal and other aid. It will also endeavour to re-establish children’s links with their families and / or help them to form the skills needed to lead an independent adult life.

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