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Moscow court refuses to rehabilitate the Tsar’s family


Moscow’s City Court on Friday upheld a previous ruling by the Tverskoy Court refusing to rehabilitate the Tsar and his family.  The application was lodged last year by Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova).

The court’s ruling rejects both the cassation appeal by Maria Vladimirovna and the cassation representation from the Prosecutor General.

Lawyer for the Tsar’s family German Lukyanov is planning to appeal the ruling in the presidium of the Moscow City Court.

The Tverskoy Court had also rejected the application to have Nikolai II and his family recognized as victims of political repression. As reported here, on 14 November 2006 the same court declared unlawful the refusal by Russia’s Prosecutor General to rehabilitate the Tsar’s family, murdered by the Bolsheviks more than 80 years ago. The court then ordered the Prosecutor General to review the application to declare those murdered victims of political repression.

The argument over the rehabilitation of the Tsar and his family has gone on for 10 years and this is not the end, since the court also upheld the order that the Prosecutor General reconsider the application.

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