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Simplified procedure for voting at home encourages vote-rigging


Despite objections from the opposition, the Central Election Commission has decided to simplify the procedure for home-voting. The Head of the Board of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] Ihor Popov considers that this decision “creates the temptation” to rig the election results at local level.

Mr Popov believes that it is unlikely that home-voting could seriously change the overall outcome however in some regions it will add 3-5 percent to interested parties. The mechanism for election fraud, he says, is very simple. As a rule, there are 20-30 applications from so-called home voters, and if voting attendance is 60-70 percent, you can “write another 100 applications, go out, chuck out those voting papers, sign, and then whistle for them”

Mr Popov says that the CVU does not plan to monitor the number of people voting without personally appearing at the polling station. Such abuses are impossible to prove, you need to catch them “red handed”, as in 2004.

The bloc Nasha Ukraina – Naroda Samooborona [Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence] had insisted that only people physically unable to come to a polling station, providing the relevant documents, should be able to vote at home.

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