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Just not feeling like going out to vote is not enough


The Kyiv District Administrative Court on Monday ordered the Central Election Commission to determine procedure for confirming voters’ inability to make their way to a polling station. The Court’s judgment was over a suit filed by the electoral blocs of Yulia Tymoshenko and Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence [NU – NS].

The disputed resolution was passed by the CEC on 13 August and allowed those wishing to vote at home to merely make an application.  As a representative of NU-NS said, “there was nothing about who was to confirm that the person could really not get about, and this sets conditions for possible vote-rigging”.

The panel of judges found the CEC resolution to be unlawful “with regard to affirming the form of voter application temporarily unable to move about freely and asking to vote from home”,

The Court ordered the CEC to pass a resolution providing compulsory requirements for applications to vote from home, as well as procedure for checking the information given in the applications.

From a report at www.kommersant.ua

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