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PACE concerned about merging of business and political interests in Ukraine


The PACE Co-rapporteurs for Ukraine who are presently part of a fact-finding delegation, have told reporters that while they generally welcome the way the election campaign is being run, they do have some reservations.

Among these reservations, Hanne Severinsen named the amendments to legislation on home voting, a certain degree of politicization in the Central Election Commission and dirty political advertising. The PACE is also disturbed by the fact that many public officials are engaging in campaigning for their political faction which can be considered abuse of administrative resources. They are also concerned about the merging of business and political interests in Ukraine.

Discrimination against people working abroad

The members of the delegation also expressed doubts about amendments to the electoral law which remove people from the lists who are going abroad. According to Co-Rapporteur Renata Wolvend, it is immaterial whether a person stays at home or goes abroad, they must have the chance to vote.

As far as the abolition of concessions which the coalition voted for this week, Ms Wohlwend pointed out that in democratic countries parliament does not take decisions during an election campaign.  She also suggested that parliament should refrain from such actions when only 226 Deputies are working [in fact there were 269 Deputies at the said “session” – translator].

The report on the PACE delegation’s visit will be made public at a PACE session at the beginning of October, i.e. after the elections.

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