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Remembering Georgy Gongadze – events in Kyiv


At 11.00 on 14 September a press conference is to be held in honour of journalists killed.

This will be attended by the Head of the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists Ihor Lubchenko, and a member of the organizing committee for events on 16 September to be held on Maidan Nezaleznnosti [Independence Square] at 19.00 in memory of journalists killed.

At 15.00 on 16 September in the St Mykola Naberezhny Church, at 12, Skovoroda Street, a panakhyda [remembrance service] will be held for Georgy Gongadze.  This was the church which Georgy Gongadze himself attended. His friends, journalists and others will come to remember him.

At 19.00 on 16 September journalists, civic activists and other members of the public will gather on Maidan Nezalezhnosti with an event entitled Georgy Gongadze Remembrance Day, in which the names of all journalists killed will be read out.

All those who cannot stand aside and who would like to honour the memory of Georgy Gongadze and all journalists killed are invited. Despite the fact that there is an election campaign on, we would ask all planning to attend these events to refraining from using any party symbols, including clothing, or on clothes (slogans on T-shirts, etc), as well as from making campaigning speeches.

For those coming to Maidan Nezalezhnosti, we would also ask that you bring flowers, candles and matches to join together in lighting candles making up a message.

PS  A big request to journalists to publicize this information

PPS  We would make an even bigger request to politicians to not engage in any campaigning activities near these events with the use of party symbols. Politicians are welcome to attend, but it would be more decent of them to so as ordinary individuals.

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