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The right to a fair trial
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Council of Europe also concerned that Ukraine’s judiciary is free from political interference


Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammerberg has called on Ukraine to ensure the independence of its Constitutional Court.

In an interview given to UNIAN, Mr Hammerberg said:

“I think that what happened with the Constitutional Court is symptomatic of the need to ensure that all aspects of the judiciary, including the Constitutional Court, at totally separated from politics.”

Mr Hammerberg said that there were several mechanisms for ensuring independence of this body, changing the system for appointing judges and their term of office.

“That also involves the need for politicians to respect the court’s independence. That is absolutely vital. Otherwise the Constitutional Court will be used as a political tool by one or other political group”.

Mr Hammerberg was presenting his report on the human rights situation in Ukraine based on his visit in December 2006.

In the report he calls on the government to take urgent measures to improve the situation. He specifically addresses issues regarding the judiciary, penal institutions, violence against women, the low level of protection of children’s rights, the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, issues of social adaptation of national minorities, the elderly and street children.

The full report can be found at: https://wcd.coe.int

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