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Prohibition of discrimination
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Forum of civic organizations for the disabled in Odessa


Delegations from 11 republics of the former USSR took part in the forum which was held from 23-26 October in Odessa.

At a press conference in the UNIAN press agency the Head of the Union of Ukrainian Organizations for the Disabled Vasyl Nazarenko explained that such a forum was a first on the territory of the CIS.  He added that the main aim of the forum had been to prepare a joint mechanism for implementing the objectives and goals of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled in post-Soviet countries.  The Convention which was adopted by the UN on 13 December 2006 envisages compulsory ratification by all countries who become signatories.

Vasyl Nazarenko stressed, however, that in order to fully implement the Convention, more than mere ratification was required.  Specific mechanisms needed to be developed to enable disabled organizations in the post-Soviet realm to have impact on the process.. A decision was therefore passed to create an international committee aimed at promoting implementation of the Convention’s norms.

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