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Help root out the rot


The initiative “We’re not for sale!” is inviting all those willing to take part in hunting down “jeansa”, or journalist features written to order.

The work of the monitoring group has already begun. Over the first week, since 1 November, its participants identified several dozen cases of obviously ordered material in the news broadcasts of 11 nationwide television channels. 

It is only news reports which are being examined since in the opinion of those taking part in the initiative (as well as the world democratic community), news broadcasts must be professional, unbiased, balanced and not for corrupt. Advertising clips and so forth are not in question.

The results of the monitoring will be made public at the end of the month after they are approved by the council of experts made up of journalists and public figures of standing. At that time the names will be announced of the happy recipients of the award for the greatest number of “jeansa” pieces of news – “Thirty coppers”.

Information is given on how to take part in the forum.

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