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Victims of political repression
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Remembrance Services for the victims of the genocide of 1932-1933 held in the Russian Federation


The association of Ukrainians in Moscow report that remembrance services [panakhydy] were held in Orthodox churches of five Russian cities.  The largest was in the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral in Moscow which was attended by members of the Ukrainian community, a member of the Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and others. Other services were held in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar (Kuban), Tyumen and Vladivostok.

Members of Ukrainian organizations in Moscow took an active part in events initiated by the Ukrainian Embassy. These included the presentation of books about Holodomor, the exhibition “Memory declassified”, the presentation of a memorial plaque to mark the 75th anniversary of Holodomor and snowball tree grove on the territory of the Ukrainian Embassy in memory of the millions who died, as well as the laying of flowers at the Memorial Solovky Stone on Lubyanka Square and at Butovo (where the remains of many victims of the NKVD lie), as well as a requiem concert in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

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