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Readmission agreement with Russia in question


A draft law on ratification of a Ukrainian-Russian agreement on readmission has been drafted in parliament. Some experts predict that even if it is passed, the provisions of the agreement may not be implemented in full.

The agreement regarding the return of detained illegal migrants between Ukraine and Russia was signed back in winter the year before last at a meeting of an inter-governmental commission. According to the Creative Director of the Ukrainian-Russian Information Centre Oleh Pokalchuk, after this agreement comes into effect, Moscow will be faced with the prospect of readmitting illegal migrants who entered Ukraine from its territory in conditions where Russia is unable to ensure physical guard over its own borders. “This is a good idea which is a bit late but will confront a huge number of local problems with its implementation”.  According to the agreement on readmission signed last year with the EU, illegal migrants who entered European countries from Ukraine are subject to return.  This is while a large number of illegal migrants come to Ukraine specifically from the Russian Federation.

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