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Inclusive education: a new chance for children with disabilities in the Lviv region


A new project has been launched in the Lviv region to enable children with disabilities to study in ordinary educational institutions. The project is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency.

The project is designed at encouraging inclusive education so that children with different disabilities are able to study together with children their own age.

The project will entail different areas of focus:

  • Work on making schools, etc barrier-free (with ramps, toilets with wheelchair access);
  • Training courses for parents and teachers
  • Drawing up special programmes and legislative amendments

The Chair of the Council of the Coalition for the Protection of the Rights of the Disabled, Mykola Svarnyk explains that the project will be implemented over the next five years in the Lviv region and the Crimea. One school in Lviv will be properly equipped so that, on a normal basis and following the general curriculum, children with hearing impairments, children with cerebral palsy and children in wheelchairs, and others, will be able to study. Before this, however, teachers will have to undergo the relevant courses. Two types are envisaged: one for those studying at present to become teachers, and another for those already working as teachers. Psychologists will work with parents to overcome prejudice against integrated learning.

Mr Svarnyk explains that in the long term the project will include children with learning difficulties, however at the beginning they will include children with physical disabilities who will be able to cope with the normal curriculum.

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