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Murder of Nigerian in Lviv still unsolved


Last Sunday, 18 January, in Lviv a young Nigerian was attacked by a man with a knife and fatally wounded. Around 7 in the evening he was standing with a young woman at a tram stop when a man ran up and stabbed him in the neck.

The young man (b. 1984) was married to a Ukrainian and bringing up her child from a previous marriage and their four-year-old son. They were registered in the Lviv region but living in Lviv itself. 

It is wise in such circumstances to wait before jumping to any conclusions, and follow the investigation closely.

Obviously the police consider all possible motives, and need to examine each before discarding them where necessary.  On the other hand, many days have passed, and the statement made today by the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Lviv Region Vasyl Pisny that he could say with absolute certainty that the crime was not committed by a skinhead seems odd when there would appear to be no idea of the identity of the murderer.  Mr Pisny also stated at a press conference on 23 January that:

“The murder was pretty brazen. At present we have no evidence that it was racially motivated. However this possibility is being considered. For a full investigation we are obliged to consider all possible versions.”

We will be following the investigation very closely and hope that the police will soon find the perpetrator of this appalling crime.

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