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Social and economic rights
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Lviv region villagers call on Human Rights Ombudsperson to defend their right to unemployed status


Thirty villagers whom the Yavorivsky District Employment Centre refused to register as unemployed have prepared an appeal to the Ombudsperson Nina Karpachova. They are demanding that an item of the Law on amendments to legislation aimed at minimizing the effects of the world financial crisis on employment. According to the said item, from 13 January this year all residents of a village who own plots of land are considered members of a personal agricultural enterprise and are considered employed.

Members of the coordination group of villagers, who preferred not to give their names, told the journalist from www.zik.com.ua that they would be forced to other measures if their appeal is ignored.

“This anti-crisis package of laws is steeped in brutal discrimination against the rural population”, they say.

The Director of the Yavorivsky District Employment Centre, Mykhailo Vyhrynovych confirmed the information that from 13 January people from rural regions were not being registered at employment offices, and that more than 30 people had been sent away with nothing over the last 14 days. He considers the decision to infringe people’s human rights since “a family on a plot of land can grow potatoes to survive. Yet where are they to get the money to pay for electricity, gas, or simply to buy a toothbrush, soap or children’s shoes?”

Mykhailo Vyhrynovych says that at present the Centre has 2 thousand people registered unemployed, of whom 1, 552 are from rural areas. These are people who managed to register before 13 January. In answer to a question from the journalist, he said that there had thus far been no directive from Kyiv to remove people already registered from the lists.

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