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Ukrainian-German projects on miner safety suspended


According to Ludmila Volynets, International Secretary of the Ukrainian Confederation of Free Trade Unions, cooperation between German and Ukrainian trade unions on ensuring miner safety is stopping.

For several years the Ukrainian Confederation of Free Trade Unions has cooperated with the Industrial Trade Union for Chemical, Energy and Mining Workers in Germany. The cooperation was largely in the area of improving safety and conditions of work for miners.

However the projects are now being terminated, Ms Volynets says. “In Germany at present they are cutting back on work in the coal mining field, with there being more convenient forms of electricity and therefore our project with the miners is being stopped.  Events in their field are more important now for Germans than strengthening the Ukrainian trade union movement”. The time has come to seek other areas of cooperation, although work safety remains an important focus for miners around the world, Ms Volynets says. She mentions also that Ukrainians are cooperating with the youth Industrial Trade Union of Germany, with the focus here being largely on social and labour relations and trade union rights.

In March a meeting is scheduled of the executive committee of the International Confederation of Trade Unions where the main issues of strategy, activity and goals in general of the trade union movement in Europe will be decided. Ukrainians will also have their representatives and a vote there.

Olha Vesnyanka

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