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Angry factory workers storm Kherson Regional Administration building


On Monday morning around 500 employees of the Kherson Machine-Building Plant occupied the ground floor of the Kherson Regional Administration and Council. They demanded to see the region’s leaders over their wage arrears.

About 200 people were invited in to meet with the region’s Governor Boris Sylenkov. The latter, however, informed them only that the Administration had done all it could, that the issue was now in the hands of the Government and that it all takes time.

The protesters have refused to leave the building. Leonid Nemcheniuk, Head of the “Petrovets” Independent Trade Union told the press agency UNIAN that they would not move until their demands to pay wage arrears and restart the plant had been met.

The plant is owing its workers around 5.5 million UAH.

From information at: http://human-rights.unian.net/ukr/detail/189889

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