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On refugees

Easing of visa restrictions to the EU means introducing biometric passports


In order to contract an agreement on eased visa restrictions with the European Union, Ukraine will have to fulfil a number of requirements including introducing biometric passports. This was stated on 2 September at a press conference in Lviv by European Commission Ambassador to Ukraine Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira. He explained that this is a US requirement for citizens of EU countries.

The Ambassador also mentioned that for liberalization of the visa regime Ukraine needs to resolve its economic and social issues in order to control illegal migration of Ukrainian nationals to EU countries. By imposing stricter control on its eastern border, it should stop the flows of illegal migrants from other country.

He called the introduction of Schengen visas for Ukrainian nationals and the Agreement with Poland on small-scale movement in the border area easing of visa requirements, and stated that in 2008 Ukrainians had received 1 million Schengen visas.

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