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Polish Ukrainian language television programme reinstated


In Poland the only Ukrainian language information programme “Telenovyny” has resumed broadcasting after a three month break. According to its editor, Andriy Varkhil, it is only definite that it will run until the end of December, after that things are unclear. It is no clearer how it came about that the programme was reinstated.

The programme has, however, been shortened from 25 to 12 minutes. This will lead to a reduction in the amount of material in each broadcast, however the format of “Telenovyny” is unchanged.

It would thus seem that the protest campaign organized by Ukrainians in Poland and supported by many people in Ukraine, although by no means most media representatives and politicians, has had some impact.

As well as appeals to the Polish authorities from the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Mykola Tomenko, and the parliamentary committee on freedom of speech, there was also a petition to reinstate the programme which was signed by 40 thousand people.

From information at www.zik.com.ua

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