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Sentence passed on activist calling for Crimea to join Russia


The Crimean Court of Appeal has passed a four-year suspended sentence on activist from the National Front Sevastopol-Crimea-Russia, Semyon Klyuyev for public calls to change the territory of Ukraine.

The Court, situated in Simferopol, decided in view of Klyuyev’s age on a suspended sentence with deferment of the sentence for two years. Klyuyev is prohibited from leaving Ukraine and must notify the police of his place of residence and work.

The court examination into the case of another activist of the organization, Valery Podyachev was suspended since he has been placed on the wanted list.

On 21 January 2008 Klyuyev held a press conference with others holding the same views in Simferopol during which they called for the abolition of the Crimean Constitution, the adoption of a declaration of union of the Crimea with Russia, the removal of “occupiers” symbols from State institutions in the Crimea and the hanging of the State flag of the Russian Federation. Klyuyev announced a press release to this effect at the press conference and Podyachev wrote the text.

In November the Security Service initiated a criminal investigation.

The Court found Klyuyev’s calls in breach of Article 110 § 2 of the Criminal Code as calling for public action to change the borders of Ukraine in violation of the order established by Ukraine’s Constitution.

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