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Civic Assembly of Ukraine calls presidential candidates to answer


The Civic Assembly of Ukraine [CAU] has addressed an appeal to both Presidential candidates: Yulia Tymoshenko and V. Yanukovych regarding the need for constitutional reform.

“The need to carry out effective constitutional reform and make changes to electoral legislation were the basic tasks highlighted by representatives of over 500 civic organizations from all regions of Ukraine during Civic Assemblies in 2007-2009.

Without dealing with these tasks it is impossible to overcome the systemic crisis in Ukraine.

CAU calls on you during the television debate on 1 February or in a separate address to indicate whether you agree that there is an urgent need for:

  • Constitutional reform via the calling of a Constitutional Assembly
  • Reform of electoral legislation, including through introducing a system of open candidate lists for parliamentary elections.

The Organizing Committee of the Civic Assembly of Ukraine is convinced that a thorough and specific presentation of your approach to carrying out constitutional and electoral reform will help Ukrainian citizens make an informed choice on 7 February.

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