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Political analysts: Constitutional Court has no grounds for finding the new coalition legitimate


At a press conference in Kyiv on 7 April, three political analysts – Anatoly Lutsenko, Mykhailo Pohrebynsky and Viktor Nebozhenko stated that they see no grounds for judging that the new coalition is legitimate. 

Anatoly Lutsenko said that a judgment stating that the new formation was legitimate would be a huge step backwards away from European standards. “It will lead to a total destabilization of parliament within a year since this system does not envisage political responsibility, including to the voters. This will lead to the construction beginning to collapse from within by itself”.

Mykhailo Pohrebynsky noted that he did not know “what the logic could be that could justify the constitutionality of this coalition”.  However he stressed that a judgement that the coalition was illegitimate would be a sign of destabilization.  He agreed with his colleague that “those who today want the coalition to be legitimized will, in a year or two, be screaming “rape!”

Viktor Nebozhenko considers that if there is a positive decision, i.e. finding the formation of the coalition with individual deputies, the Constitutional Court could lose any trust and cease to exist as such.

The official judgment is expected on 8 April, although the Deputy Prime Minister Klyuev followed up reports in a number of media outlets during 7 April saying that the judgement was that the coalition was legitimate.

From information at http://ua.glavred.info/archive/2010/04/07/124507-3.html

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