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TVi files suit against Khoroshkovsky’s appointment to High Council of Justice


The television channel TVi has lodged a complaint with the District Administrative Court in Kyiv over President Yanukovych’s Decree No. 644/2010 which appointed Valery Khoroshkovsky member of the High Council of Justice. The General Director of the channel, Mykola Knyzhytsky, said that the appeal had been filed on 17 June.

As reported already, TVi lawyers believe that the appointment is in breach of the law. Article 6 of the Law on the High Council of Justice  stipulates the qualifications needed which include: “a higher legal education and experience of work in the field of law of no less than ten years”.

TVi point out that Khoroshkovsky’s biography indicates that he does not have the experience”.

Mr Khoroshkovsky, who was also made Head of the Security Service after Yanukovich was elected, is not a lawyer either.

As reported, TVi had already called upon the President to cancel his decree. They have also strongly criticized the Head of the SBU, who effectively owns the Inter Media Company of using his official position in his own business interests.

New information at http://www.telekritika.ua/news/2010-06-17/53708

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