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Donetsk businesspeople complain of increased pressure


Local businesspeople and deputies complain that tax and controlling bodies in the Donetsk region are carrying out unwarranted checks of businesses. They are also concerned by the new draft Tax Code. According to the Head of the Regional Fund in Support of Enterprise, Tetyana Shashkova, the mood is of anxious waiting.

Move backwards

The practice of planned checks and fines of businesspeople has returned where businesspeople are placed in the sort of conditions where they are forced to pay any fine because the system for defending their rights is not functioning.

24 hours wouldn’t be enough for an interview if you were talking of specific examples of infringements, the Head of the Regional Union of Small and Middle-Level Business and Trade Enterprise, Oleksandr Khryakov, says.

He thinks that the tax legislation which the authorities are presently trying to impose would return business enterprise back 10-15 years. In the main, this concerns, he says, attempts to violate constitutional rights of citizens, especially the right to confidential, specifically through searches of business. Furthermore the tax police effectively receive the possibility under the guise of employment for the unemployed of installing their informers in businesses.

The situation is worsening

Mr Khryakov is convinced that one should not expect radical improvements even if amendments are made to the Code. The draft document provides for the interests of tax people. Even if one percent of these interests are approved, the result will be only to the benefit of tax people and officialdom, he says. Donetsk businesspeople are not planning to resort to any radical actions like pickets of the Verkhovna Rada. He sees more of a political subtext to such actions than actual protection of their economic interests.

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