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Channel 5 subjected to massive DOS attack


The website of Channel 5 one of the two independent channels which are presently trying to prevent having their frequencies removed has suspended activities following a concentrated DDOS attack on the server. It has issued a statement saying that at around 18.00 on 17 August the site was attacked, with attempts continuing to download a file which would allow the hackers to totally control the website of the television channel. The attack is underway using zombie computers from outside the country (these are computers infected by a virus, making them carry out commands such as sending requests to the server which is unable to cope with the onslaught – translator).

It became clear an hour ago that the server for the site was undergoing the DDOS attack and the website has suspended work in order to prevent the destruction of their database.

Channel 5 sees in this “a planned action by interested structures, given the impossibility at the present time to stop Channel 5’s broadcasting, to restrict any possibility of swiftly providing truthful and balanced information to the public.”

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