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SBU once again sniffing around a civic organization


Ukraine’s Security Service would now seem to be interested in finding out about the civic organization “Democratic Alliance” , specifically it’s work supported by international grants.

According to the Press Service of the Democratic Alliance, on 21 September they received a telephone call.

“The person identified himself as an SBU officer and invited us to a meeting where he asked questions about the sources of financing both of the Cherkasy regional branch of the Democratic Alliance and the central management bodies of the organization”, the statement reads.

They also mention that in June, on the eve of a planned protest “Departure from Democracy.  Codename 2450”, SBU officers held meetings with the coordinators of the protests in Mykolaiv and Cherkasy, with the heads of those branches, Yulia Hrechka and Taisa Plakhuta.

At the end of July during a telephone conversation, SBU officers asked for details about the work of the Chernihiv branch of Democratic Alliance.

Reported at: http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2010/09/23/5409069/


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