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Prosecutor General goes for Ukrainska Pravda over Gongadze case publication


The Prosecutor General has taken an explanation from the Chief Editor of the Internet publication “Ukrainska Pravda”, Olena Prytula over the site’s publication of the decision to prosecute Oleksiy Pukach. Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office wanted to know about the circumstances behind the publication “Investigator’s Conclusion: Kravchenko ordered the killing of Gongadze. Document” (from 16 September 2010 http://www.pravda.com.ua/articles/2010/09/16/5388874/ ).

The investigator wanted to know in particular where Ukrainska Pravda received the resolution to charge Pukach under an additional article – murdering Georgy Gongadze on commission. It was in this resolution that Yury Kravchenko is named the person who ordered the killing.

Article 26 of the Law “On printed media (press) in Ukraine” entitles journalists to “keep the authorship or sources of information secret, with the exception of cases where the secrets are revealed at the order of the court.”

According to Ukrainska Pravda’s information, it is being considered whether to initiate a criminal investigation over divulging confidential investigation material.

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