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Constitutional Court revokes 2004 Changes to the Constitution


The Constitutional Court [CCU] has found unconstitutional the Law on Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine from 8 December 2004 No. 2222-IV citing violations in procedure for its examination and adoption.

In accordance with the judgment, announced by the Head of the Court, Anatoly Holovin, Law No. 2222-IV becomes null and void from the day the CCU judgment was passed.

The Constitutional Court reinstated the 1996 Constitution and called on the authorities to bring Ukrainian legislation into line with the Constitution of 1996 without delay.

On 8 December 2004 the Verkhovna Rada passed the law on amendments to the Constitution as part of a “package” together with amendments to the Law on the Presidential Elections. The latter were needed in order to hold a re-run of the second round of voting which brought huge numbers onto the streets in protest over the rigging of the elections (in what came to be known as the Orange Revolution).

The 2004 amendments curtailed the President’s powers, with a change from Presidential-parliamentary to parliamentary-Presidential form of government, introduced proportional representation and extended parliamentary mandate to 5 years.

From a report at: http://www.unian.net/ukr/news/news-398653.html

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