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Khoroshkovsky’s Inter Channel cuts information about the PACE report


In its report on the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe which was considering the Report on the Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Ukraine, the Inter TV channel removed the phrase about the SBU [Security Service] and the Prosecutor. The material was in the evening news broadcast at 20.00 and specifically concerned the discussion in Strasbourg.

The feature reporting the comments by Co-Rapporteur on Ukraine and Deputy of the Estonian Parliament, Mailis Reps was given as follows:

Mailis Reps, PACE Co-Rapporteur on Ukraine:

“We welcome the large number of legislative acts passed in Ukraine, for example, the package of anti-corruption measures. However we would like to remind the government and Verkhovna Rada that many laws still need to be passed”.

What would appear to have been missed out is the next sentence: “We would also like to call on the Ukrainian side to reform the Security Service and Prosecutor’s Office”.

Inter, which is one of the three channels which normally “top” the ranks for TV channels most likely to conceal information of public importance is owned by the Head of the Security Service, Valery Khoroshkovsky.

From information at: http://www.telekritika.ua/news_cenzura/2010-10-07/56438

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