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Parliament tightens law on amnesties


The Verkhovna Rada has prohibited the application of an amnesty to people whose criminal charges are still at the stage of investigation or court proceedings, but prior to court examination. The draft law No. 4179, making amendments to the Law on the Use of Amnesty in Ukraine was supposed by 309 Deputies (226 was the minimum required).

The draft law also makes it impossible to apply an amnesty to people convicted of premeditated serious or particularly serious crimes who have served less than two thirds of their sentence.

Amnesty is also prohibited to those whose death sentence was changed to a life sentence, those sentenced to life or those convicted twice or more of premeditated serious or particularly serious crimes. The new law also prohibits the amnestying of people convicted of crimes classified as of medium seriousness who have served less than half their sentence.

The law prohibits the use of amnesty where the crimes resulted in the death of two or more people, were directed against national security, terrorist acts, banditry, and murder involving aggravating circumstances.

Current legislation does not contain such bans.

The Verkhovna Rada plans in 2011 to amnesty the most socially vulnerable prisoners, including minors, pregnant women, elderly prisoners and those with disabilities.

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