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The right to a fair trial
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Ukraine owing its citizens 130 billion UAH


According to the Government Representative on European Court of Human Rights matters, Valeria Lutkovska, Ukraine owes its citizens 130 billion UAH according to court rulings. She revealed this figure, given by the Ministry of Social Policy during a roundtable in Kyiv.

She stated that the government plans in the near future to revoke the law imposing a moratorium on the mandatory sale of property owned by State enterprises, including gas and energy enterprises, and that this will to some degree make it possible to reduce the debt.

She also hopes that the government will in the near future develop a method for eliminating arrears on enforcing court rulings in citizens’ favour.

“We envisage that over half a year all those who are in possession of unenforced rulings from domestic courts returned without enforcement or not accepted by the State Bailiff’s Service should be again given to the State Bailiff’s Service and it will generalize this information, and the Cabinet of Ministers will plan the procedure for paying off these arrears”.

UNIAN reports that the European Court of Human Rights recently awarded 3.5 thousand Euros in compensation to 49-year-old Maria Kryvova from Chervonohrad in the Lviv region for unreasonable length of court proceedings.  (The case can be found here)

In fact, this is just one of many cases where violation of Article 6 § 1 has been found over unreasonable length of proceedings, non-enforcement of rulings, etc.  Ukraine has also been named as one of the worst offenders for non-implementation of domestic and European Court rulings (cf.

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