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Yury Lutsenko’s wife reports that her husband is much weaker


Iryna Lutsenko reports serious deterioration in the state of health of the former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of one of the main opposition parties who has been on hunger strike since 22 April in protest at another extension of his remand in custody. Yury Lutsenko has been remanded in custody since December 2010 on charges which have elicited concern from human rights groups in Ukraine and abroad. 

Lutsenko’s party People’s Self-Defence reports Iryna Lutsenko as saying on Sunday after visiting her husband that he gets out of bed only if he really needs to. He has lost 21 kilograms and the smell of acetone has reappeared.  He also feels giddy all the time and is losing motor coordination. She added that towards the evening for two days running his body temperature has risen.

“If just yesterday he spoke calmly, although with a husky voice, today I scarcely heard him. He finds it hard to speak, let alone watch television or read a book. His organism is totally exhausted and worn out”.

She said that a photo of her husband would give the lie to all the Prosecutor’s Office statements claiming that his condition is stable.

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