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Concerns mounting for Yury Lutsenko, on hunger strike over politically motivated imprisonment


Concern is high that the life of Yury Lutsenko, former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of the People’s Self-Defence Party may be in danger.  Yury Lutsenko has been on hunger strike since 22 April after a Kyiv court again extended his remand in custody. He was first taken into custody in December 2010 on grounds which raise as many warranted questions as the actual criminal prosecution. 

In the last two days prominent figures have called on the former Minister to abandon his hunger strike saying that he must not sacrifice his life.

In a letter published by the People’s Self-Defence, Lyubomir Huzar, until recently the Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church tells Yury Lutsenko:

“Your sacrifice should be a powerful means of awakening people but unfortunately the spiritual atmosphere in which we live does not give much hope of that. And it is a shame to lose your life. In our circumstances it’s necessary to live to hope for victory”.

There have been similar appeals from the Head of the Orthodox Church under the Kyiv Patriarchate, Filaret,   former political prisoner and politician Levko Lukyanenko and others.

Iryna Lutsenko, the former Minister’s wife, reports that doctors have emphatically advised her husband to give up his hunger strike 

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