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The right to a fair trial

Lutsenko alleges attempts to blackmail him using family visits


Iryna Lutsenko has said that her husband, former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of the People’s Self-Defence Party,   says attempts were made to persuade him to testify against Yulia Tymoshenko,   He claims that he was encouraged to say that the celebration for Police Day in 2009 was at her initiative.  Iryna Lutsenko states that he was promised visits with his two sons in return for testifying about the leader of Batkivshchyna and former Prime Minister.

Yury Lutsenko was brought to the court hearing on Monday morning.  His application to have one judge Serhiy Vovk removed was turned down.  Lutsenko had argued that Vovk had on a number of occasions passed rulings which ran counter to legislation. These included remanding in custody former First Deputy Minister of Justice in Tymoshenko’s Government, Yevhen Korniychuk who had not attempt to hide from the investigators.

The Ambassadors of Sweden and Finland are attending the court hearing.

From reports at www.pravda.com.ua

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