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Court again refuses to release Valery Ivashchenko


The Pechersky District Court in Kyiv has refused to change the restraint measure against former Acting Minister of Defence in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, Valery Ivashchenko from remand in custody to a signed undertaking not to abscond.

The decision was announced on Wednesday by Judge Serhiy Vovk (who has taken similar decisions with respect to former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of one of the main opposition parties, Yury Lutsenko – translator).

The document read out said that the Court found the lawyers’ arguments without foundation.  The lawyers had asked for his release from custody due to his poor state of health and the impossibility of getting treatment in the conditions of a SIZO [remand unit].  The Court did, however, order the relevant divisions of the Department for the Execution of Sentences to carry out the necessary medical examination of Mr Ivashchenko, and made the Kyiv Prosecutor responsible for ensuring that this is done.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for 25 July.

Valery Ivashchenko has been in custody since August 2010. He is charged with having, in November 2009 while Acting Minister of Defence abused his position by signing a plan to sell the Feodosia Marine Engineering Works which was property of the Ministry of Defence. 

New information from a report at http://www.unian.net/ukr/news/news-445726.html

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