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Judge refuses to reinstate live broadcast of Tymoshenko trial


Judge Rodion Kireyev who is the presiding judge in the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko on Monday rejected the application to renew direct transmission of the court hearing or to allow photographs or video coverage.

Kireyev announced his decision directly at the hearing, adding that the court hearings were open and members of the press were free to attend.

He stated that the ban on photographs, video footage or live broadcasts was because the trial had come to questioning of witnesses.

After banning Serhiy Vlasenko from acting as defence lawyer, leaving Ms Tymoshenko for some time without any defence lawyer, he gave two new lawyers: Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk and Mykola Syry three days to familiarize themselves with the case. They had asked for 2 months. Plakhotnyuk asking the court to bear in mind what he was physically capable of, and that he had other cases. Syry said that he was able to read up to 100 pages in a day, but no more.  He pointed out that the material contains around 5 thousand pages. 

Judge Kireyev, as mentioned, gave them three days.

From reports at http://www.unian.net/ukr/news/news-446583.html  and http://news.liga.net/news/N1120761.html

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