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Former Deputy Head of Naftohaz Ihor Didenko gets suspended sentence


The Pechersky District Court in Kyiv on Monday passed sentence in the trial of Ihor Didenko, issuing a three year suspended sentence. He was sentenced under Article 344 § 2 of the Criminal Code. As well as the suspended sentence he was stripped of the right to hold managerial positions linked with administration of any enterprises, regardless of their form of ownership.

The freeze on his property was removed and he himself released from custody.

The court stated that it was convinced that sufficient evidence had been provided proving Didenko’s guilty, however it did not consider that he had pursued personal interests in committing the crime.

Didenko had been charged, together with the former Head of the State Customs Service Anatoly Makarenko and former Head of the Kyiv Regional Customs Office over releasing from customs 11 billion cubic metres of gas in 2009.

The Public Committee against Political Persecution have said that the case of Didenko and Makarenko at very least give grounds for concern. (see http://www.khpg.org/en/index.php?id=1312845942)

Information about the verdict and the photo from UNIAN

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