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Kharkiv journalists call for defence of freedom of speech


Journalists from the Internet site and newspaper Glavnoye have addressed an open letter to President Yanukovych over the obstructions which their colleagues are experiencing at the channels A/TVC, Fora and ATN.

In their letter the journalists state that the unlawful removal from air on far-fetched grounds of the channels A/TVC, Fora and ATN are in fact an attempt by the city authorities to stifle freedom of speech in Kharkiv and deprive the city’s residents of the opportunity to learn the truth about the activities and failure to act of the city and regional leadership.

They say that as Guarantor of the Constitution, the President must intervene in the given situation, get to the bottom of it and give his “assessment of the actions of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes who, purportedly in your name, is stifling freedom of speech in the city, violating the constitutional rights of the residents of Kharkiv and journalists”

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