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Irina Lutsenko accuses authorities of trying to blur her husband’s diagnosis


Irina Lutsenko, wife of the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko, has confirmed that her husband was taken on Thursday morning for examination at the Kyiv City Diagnostic Centre which is on the list of establishments proposed by the Health Ministry. She said that the examinations might continue on Friday.

She asserted, however, that “since the last court hearing and decision by the court to use the three-week break [in the trial] for a full medical examination and treatment, time has been lost on paper-pushing procrastination between the court, the SIZO [detention centre] and Health Ministry”.

As reported, the Health Ministry Commission recommended on 30 August that Yury Lutsenko receive treatment and further examination by a group of specialists at a specialized gastroenterology clinic.  At that time Yury Lutsenko was diagnosed as suffering from cryptogenic cirrhosis of the liver with portal hypertension and digestive tract varicose veins.

Ms Lutsenko noted that on neither of the medical experts who carried out the two previous assessments in May and August were invited to take part in Thursday’s examination.

“This forces only one conclusion: with this examination the government is endeavouring, via the Health Ministry, to “blur” the diagnosis given earlier. 

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