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Picket planned for Yanukovych’s visit banned in Odessa


The Odessa District Administrative Court on Wednesday banned a picket planned for 17 November near the airport where President Yanukovych was expected. The media learned of the ban from Serhiy Hutsatyuk, coordinator of the organization “Renewal of the Country”.  Mr Hutsayuk said that neither he nor representatives of the other civic organizations which had notified of plans to hold peaceful protests were able to attend the court hearing at 5 p.m. having only been informed that it was to take place half an hour or so beforehand. He says that he was informed of the court ruling from a court assistant.

He adds that he is not surprised since the Odessa City Council is petrified of public disgruntlement.

Mr Hutsatyuk says that on 15 November three civic organizations, including his, formally notified of plans to hold a picket at the airport on the day of Yanukovych’s arrival. They were planning to demand that the President give an assessment of what they call the unlawful actions of the Odessa City Council.

http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2011/11/16/6760987/  Photo from http://www.zmina.org.ua/

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