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Court has no problem with parliament not handing over MP’s declarations


The District Administrative Court in Kyiv has rejected the civil suit brought by journalist Mustafa Nayem against the Verkhovna Rada Office for refusing to provide copies of National Deputies’ declarations for 2010.  The grounds for this will only become known when the judgement is released in full next week.

As reported, on 12 May Mustafa Nayem sent an information request to the Verkhovna Rada Office asking for copies of the income declarations of National Deputies.

He received a letter on 19 May extending the time frame for providing the information, because of its volume, to 20 days. It then refused to provide the information, with its response referring to the fact that the declarations contain “personal data about members of their family and other information which the law has stated is information on restricted access

The civic movement Stop Censorship called the refusal by the Verkhovna Rada Office and National Deputies to make their income declarations public “contempt for the principles of transparency and accountability of the authorities to the public”.

Information about the court judgement and photo from www.imi.org.ua

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