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Chernobyl Clean-up Workers will defy court ban


The District Administrative Court in Donetsk last night banned the protest actions by Chernobyl Rescue Workers who are incensed over plans by the government to cut benefits to which they are entitled by law as people who suffered particularly from the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986. 

The Donetsk City Council claims that the protest was banned due to the threat of a terrorist act. The Council cited statements from the police reported by the Internet publication Ostrov of terrorist attacks in Donetsk. The Council “was therefore forced to turn to the District Administrative Court”.

However UNIAN cites Volodymyr Sumarujov  from the Initative Group of Chernobyl Rescue Workers in Donetsk as saying that the protesters have no intention of leaving their test camp, despite the court ban.  He says that they have not seen the court order and that around 300 people have come to support them.  He says that they will play it by ear what to do next, but is adamant that they will not leave their protest tents.

Chernobyl Rescue Workers have been fasting in protest since 15 November in a tent camp near the Regional Department of the Pension Fund. They are demanding their payments and pensions in full, as well as a meeting with the Prime Minister.

From reports at Ukrainska Pravda and UNIAN  First photo from the Deutsche Welle Ukrainian Service

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